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From the end of March 2014 DRES represents Weber Entec, Germany, and offers for the Balkans up to 25% biogas production increasing.

The process: BioPush ultrasonic reactor, develops homogenous cavitation field through powerful plane transducers.

This gives:

  • better substrate degradation
  • better stirring
  • increases diffusion
  • increases the substarte surface
  • durable decreases of viscosity
  • accelerate degradation
  • heightened gas yield
  • increases enzyme activity
  • accelerates hydrolyses
  • improves substrate degradation

With pay-back term of less than 1 year we offer more biogas with less cost. Can be integrated on every moment of building or exploiting the biogas plant. No maintenance, no consumables. We need only your substrate data as type and quantity to present the right offer.

We have the pleasure to announce starting the first of numbers of Biogas plants 1 500 kWe in common project between DR Energy Systems, HoSt B.V. (The Netherlands) and Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH (Germany).

DR Energy Systems offers optimal and effective solution for use of organic waste, which can rot:

Control and steering of the rot process and transformation of the harmless gases to useful sustainable energy.

Depending on the stuff, the installation can be with one digester, anaerobic, with temperature up to 35-360C or with anaerobic and thermo digester (at some 65-700C).

The Methane out of the digesters is very wet, with low pressure and with an admixture - we have to clean it, take the water out and to compress it - than the fuel for CHP is ready.

The installation uses only 3-5% of produced electricity and some 20-25% of the heat.

The substrate way later can be directly to the farm filed as a fertilizer or to the desert as compost in the fight of the humans against the nature.





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