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The profit from the CHP units can be calculated very easy when compare expenses before CHP and incomes and expenses after CHP. The middle and biggest CHP installations have payback term between 2 and 5 years.

Our company offers short economical calculation for every project with clear determination of the profit and benefits, and payback term.

Additional profit can be bare from the possibility, which State regulation agency gives to the CHP user – direct connection to the gas pipe of Bulgargas (see Resolution nr. P-4/05.07.2004 for concede the right for connection to transport gas pipe, privilege consumers, State newspaper 67/2004, p. 127)

Next support can be received when sale saved carbon emissions, regarding Kyoto Protocol

In the row of the profit will be Green Certificates, which implementation will be at latest 2011. In few words, The Green Certificates means punishment for electrical producer which pollute the atmosphere and stimulating those one, who produced clean energy by purchasing/selling that Certificates.

There several more ways to reduce the investment for CHP implementation:

-    The Program of EBRD (via Bulgarian banks Unicredit Bulbank, Post bank, UBB, Union bank, Pireos bank, DSK bank etc.) ensuring grant of 15% for energy efficiency projects, included CHP implementation
-    The EC Programmes for increasing energy efficiency, for new technologies and machines, which will started second half of 2008


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